Independent Study, Internships, and Employment Opportunities for Anthropology Students

General Information

Anthropology is a field that encourages participatory forms of study and research—in other words, it encourages you to get involved with the people and places that you are interested to learn about. Hence the program encourages community work of all kinds, including independent study, internships, and volunteer work.

  • Independent Study. Anthropology majors are encouraged to consult with faculty about opportunities for involvement with research that they direct. Look over the list of department projects and faculty and discuss your ideas with any of the faculty who share your interests. It is possible to obtain academic credit for a supervised project.
  • Volunteer. Those wishing to gain experience through work with organizations in the community may pursue a variety of opportunities, including involvement with local museums, such as the Bishop Museum or the National Park Service and the various historic sites and parks that they manage in Hawai‘i.
  • Internships. The University maintains a database of paid internship opportunities. To sign up for notification of openings, register with the student internship website. Again, department faculty can advise you about organizations that may have opportunities for paid work that allows you to learn and apply your skills as an anthropologist.

Field Schools