List of Graduate Students

Founded in 1934, the Department enrolls close to 100 graduate students (both M.A. and Ph.D.) at any one time. The majority are focused on studies in Asia and the Pacific, and tend to have extensive experience studying, living, and working in foreign countries prior to application and enrollment. This wealth of life experience provides a rich atmosphere for the seeking of advanced degrees in Anthropology, with ample opportunity to contribute to everything from stimulating seminar discussions to world-class research during the span of a graduate program at Mānoa.

The following list is incomplete, as some students have opted not to share their personal information.

Name E-mail Subfield and Area
Ann, Sovatha Cultural (PhD)
Ball, Patrick bio-cultural, medical--Japan (PhD)
Boeger, Zakea Cultural (MA)
Carroll, Hannah K. Applied Archaeology (MA)
Chassels, Marla Ecological--Thailand (PhD)
Clinton, Shanna Cultural/Medical (PhD)
Daigle, Michelle Legal/Medical--Japan (PhD)
Filimoehala, Chris Archaeology--Pacific (PhD)
France, Phoebe Archaeobotany (PhD)
Fuentes, Reynaldo Nico Applied Archaeology (MA)
Galipeau, Brendan Ecological (PhD)
Harrington, Katherine Biological Anthro (PhD)
Harris, Lindsey Cultural Anthro (MA)
He, Jifang Cultural (PhD)
Piphal, Heng Archaeology -- Cambodia (PhD)
Hoerman, Rachel Archaeology--S.E. Asia (PhD)
Intarat, Phianphachong Cultural Anth (MA)
Izumi, Hiroaki Linguistic--Indonesia, Vanuatu (PhD)
Lane, Brian Archaeology--Pacific (PhD)
Lee, Hui-Lin Archaeology (PhD)
Lima, Cheney-Ann Applied Archaeology (MA)
Luthy, Tamara Medical (PhD)
Nago, Asami Medical Anthropology--S.E. Asia, Thai/Myanmar (PhD)
Page, Dick Cultural--China, Virtual Worlds (PhD)
Stephen, Jesse Archaeology--Oceania (PhD)
Stephens, Maura Medical/Cultural (MA)
Van Ommen, Mattias Cultural--Japan (MA)
Warech, Julie Cultural Anth (MA)
Wu, Ming-Jen Cultural (PhD)
Yen, Ling-Da Archaeology (PhD)
Young, Nanise Cultural (PhD)