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* Indicates Graduate Faculty

*Christopher J. Bae, PhD
Biological anthropology, paleoanthropology, vertebrate taphonomy, geometric morphometrics, Out of Africa I, modern human origins; eastern Asia, particularly China, Korea, Japan <>

*James M. Bayman, PhD (Undergraduate Advisor)
Archaeology, craft economies; Oceania, North America <>

*C. Fred Blake, PhD
Critiques of political economy, ideology, ritual and religion, complex social formations, China

*Jan Brunson, PhD (Graduate Chair)
Medical anthropology, fertility and reproduction, maternal health, new medical technologies, structural and interpersonal violence, gender, family; Nepal <>

*Alex Golub, PhD
Cultural anthropology; 'kinship' and identity; governance, indigenous land tenure, mining and natural resources, common and intellectual property, semiotic technologies; Papua New Guinea, Melanesia, massively multiplayer online video games <>

*Jonathan Padwe, PhD
Environmental anthropology; agro-ecology; war and the environment; ethnicity; Southeast Asia (Cambodia); South America (Paraguay, Bolivia) <>

*Christian E. Peterson, PhD (Chair)
Archaeology, comparative study, early complex societies, regional settlement patterns, household archaeology, quantitative methods; China <>

Seth Quintus, PhD
Archaeology; agricultural economics, historical ecology; landscape archaeology; geoarchaeology; settlement patterns; quantitative methods; Oceania. <>

*Barry V. Rolett, PhD
Archaeology; Pacific Islands, Southeast China <>

*Eirik J. Saethre, PhD
Medical anthropology, indigenous health, HIV/AIDS, biomedical interventions; Aboriginal Australia, South Africa <>

Ann Sakaguchi, PhD
Medical anthropology, public health, medical malpractice, globalization and its impact on emerging and re-emerging diseases, health disparities, health care disparities, Japanese literature and history <>

*Miriam T. Stark, PhD
Archaeology, ecology, early village economics, ceramics, ethnoarchaeology; Southeast Asia <>

*Ty P. Kawika Tengan, PhD
Cultural anthropology, indigenous theory and methodology, colonialism, nationalism, identity, gender, cultural politics; Pacific, Hawai`i <>

*Christine R. Yano, PhD
Cultural anthropology, popular culture, ethnomusicology, cultural nationalism, emotions; Japan, Japanese-Americans <>