Advance Preparation

Before arrival, participants will receive a reading list and packet of materials that will prepare them for the week of study and exploration. We recommend advance reading and film viewing, including selections from Fujitani, Yoneyama and White’s Perilous Memories. Recommended films of the Pacific War include both Hollywood features (Eastwood’s Letters from Iwo Jima) and documentary films (Ken Burns’ The War and Rea Tajiri’s History and Memory). This website also includes suggestions for further reading in the Readings page.

Participants should come to Honolulu prepared for warm tropical weather, usually cooled off by Hawai‘i’s wonderful trade winds. Bring clothes and shoes suitable for both walking and air conditioned interiors. There will be some walking during visits to historic sites at Pearl Harbor and the Honolulu area. We will travel between the University and the historic sites via chartered bus.