Anth 750G - Research Seminar in Biological Anthropology

Professor Michael Pietrusewsky


Course Description

The focus of this graduate seminar is an examination of health in past populations of the Pacific
(Polynesia, Micronesia, New Guinea, and island Melanesia) using skeletal and dental remains
from archaeological contexts. The organization and conceptual framework of the seminar with
follow the Global History of Health Project (Steckel and Rose 2002).

Several skeletal and dental indicators of biological stress/health (linear enamel hypoplasia (LEH),
porotic hyperostosis, infectious disease, dental caries and tooth loss, adult stature, trauma,
osteoarthritis, etc.) will be examined in detail. A major component of the seminar will involve the
recording and standardization previously recoded data from the literature for the Pacific region
using the Data Collection Codebook and Data Coding Scheme of the Global History of Health
Project (GHHP), including the development of a numerical index of well being (adaptation) from
skeletal data. Studies in bioarchaeology and paleopathology of Pacific skeletal and dental remains
will be surveyed in this seminar.

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