Frequently Asked Questions

What graduate degrees are offered?

The University of Hawaii at Manoa offers an MA & PhD degree in Anthropology. Applicants to the doctoral program must have a Masters degree in Anthropology.

Do I need an undergraduate degree in Anthropology to apply to the UHM Anthropology MA program?

No you don't. Applicants whose previous undergraduate work is in another field may apply and be admitted. However, previous academic work will be reviewed to see if the student has had the required introductory courses in the four subfields: archaeology, cultural anthropology, physical anthropology and linguistics. If not, these are considered undergraduate deficiencies and can be taken either prior to attendance or during the initial course of study at UHM.

Where can I get a UHM catalog?

A hard copy of the catalog can be purchased at the UHM Bookstore located in Campus Center. Call the UH Manoa Bookstore at (808) 956-4338 or order it online at The Catalog is available at

What kind of funding does the Department of Anthropology have?

For first year students, the funding is limited. The department has no fellowships. Minimum requirements for teaching assistantship positions (9) include advanced standing, (second year) in the program. Other possibilities include the Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (FLAS), East-West Scholarships, as well as Financial Aid Services application.

Where can I get information about scholarship applications?

Refer to the Resources section of our site, or refer to the common sources listed below:

  • East-West Center, Award Services, 1601 East-West Rd.,Honolulu, HI 96848 Phone (808) 944-7736
  • FLAS, UHM School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Office of Student Academic Services, 1890 East-West Rd., 315 Moore Hall, Honolulu, HI 96822 (808) 956-2210
  • UHM Financial Aid Services, Queen Lili'uokalani Center for Student Services, 2600 Campus Rd., Honolulu, HI 96822 (808) 956-7251

What is the application deadline for admission to the graduate program?

The deadline is December 1. Students are required to take the General GRE exam, (international students the TOEFL as well) and submit both a Graduate Division & Department of Anthropology application with three letters of recommendation and transcripts from all schools of higher education. Applications are accepted for FALL SEMESTER ADMISSION ONLY.

Does the Department of Anthropology require a separate application to the graduate program?

Yes, applicants must apply to both the University of Hawai`i Graduate Division as well as directly to the Department of Anthropology.

University of Hawai`i Graduate Division

Department of Anthropology Graduate Application Forms

What are the research interests of your faculty?

The primary focus of the faculty is research in the Pacific and Asia. We have faculty that specialize in archaeology, medical, ecological, physical, linguistic and cultural anthropology.

What is the affiliation between the East-West Center and the UHM?

The East-West Center, which is adjacent to UHM, is an independent organization. It has several programs staffed by scholars from Asia, the Pacific & U.S. Conferences and workshops continually draw scholars which give our students a chance to meet leaders from many fields and nations.

Why would I choose UHM to study Anthropology?

If your interest is the Pacific or Asia, our University ranks among the top institutions in the world in the number of Asian and Pacific scholars found in a wide variety of departments. Many of these faculty members participate in the School of Pacific and Asian Studies which includes separate centers devoted to the Pacific Islands, the Philippines, China, Japan, Korea, South Asia, Southeast Asia, as well as in Buddhist studies. In addition, language instruction is available in the major Asian and Pacific languages. The UHM Hamilton Library has an extensive Asia & Pacific collection. Students have access to the resources and staff of the Bishop Museum, an internationally renowned center for Pacific research as well as to those varied scholars participating at the East-West Center.

How can I get information and application forms mailed to me?

Contact Marti Kerton, UHM Dept. of Anthropology, 2424 Maile Way, Saunders Hall 346C, Honolulu, HI 96822. Phone (808) 956-7153, Fax (808) 956-4893, or email anthprog@hawaii.ed